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Toronto Home Recording Studio

Home Recording Studio
Get a non-clinical experience with a comfortable and relaxed environment that’s focused on you and your music. Learn more

Toronto Mobile Recording

Mobile Recording
Immense yourself in the natural world and record your music to the tune of nature. We bring the studio to you! Learn more

Toronto Piano Room Recording

Piano Room Recording
Find yourself situated half a mile in nature in a country home with a grand piano for your live recordings. Learn more

Toronto Piano Room Recording

Nature Recordings
Exclusive in Nature Recording in an exclusive outdoor location. Expertise in recording outdoors. Learn more

Toronto Drum Recording

Drum Recording
Our drum room captures your distinct sound without compromise. Learn more

Toronto Vocal Sound Booth

Vocal Sound Booth
Record your singing or voice overs in our quality control sound booth. Learn more

Toronto Mixing and Recording

Other Services
We offer lots of services including co-creation, mixing, mastering, video, and voice over.
Learn more

Toronto Drum Circles

Drumming Circles
Available for special events or corporate events. Learn more